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hey do you know what type you are on the Myers Briggs? I just read your post about being bored and thought you could try it :-)

hi, yeah, I did it a couple of months ago and then redid it in one of my lectures in university. I’m an INFP.


motivating tos triumvirate! thinking about making these into stickers or a postcard

dedicated to searchingforspock, hope these can cheer you up <3

Artist: The Script
Album: No sound without silence
Plays: 8,901 plays

She’s got lion in her heart
A fire in her soul
He’s a got a beast in his belly
That’s so hard to control
Cause they’ve taken too much hits
Taking blow by blow
Now light them match up like watch them explode

so the long, hateful posts in the Spirk tag aren’t even getting notes anymore because everyone is just so done with jean008’s constant bullshit

well played, K/S shippers…well played.


skinny people mad over nicki minaj’s lyrics, please multiply your feelings by 24/7 and then u will perhaps understand a little bit what thick girls may be going through when your bodies are the ones that are served in stores, represented, desired and glorified……you can cope with 1 song not about u…………….we can do it together. i believe in u 



this is who i strive to be in life

For psychotic villains they’re pretty decent role models


astrophotography by matt payne in coloardo and oregon. the panoramas seen here are created by stitching up to twenty photos together. (see also: previous astrophotography)  

Happy 1st of September!


Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

Groot was just trying to help (◕‿◕✿)